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With the current production program, we have been present in the caravaning industry for more than 25 years. Thus, ensuring quality is not foreign to us. All processes are planned, executed and monitored.


Since 1998, we have used statistical methods to control the intermediate phases of production, and we are continually changing key elements to ensure the stability of processes. The basis for our daily work is the satisfaction of the wishes and expectations of the customer with regard to the technical support and quality, which enables us the use of the most modern technology in combination with professional knowledge of the employees.

In 2020, the company became part of the Isokon company within the Group Isosport GmbH, Eisenstadt, Austria and a member of CONSTANTIA Industries AG.


In doing so, we not only realize our pursuit of growth and development, but also the goals of our company’s environment and the living space of our company.


The company with a small production of PVC profiles, was founded in 1971 and is today one of the largest in the field of consulting and manufacturing of technical plastic profiles for various industries.

The company’s prevailing strategy is a good relationship with customers and technically innovative products, which meet the international standards ISO 9001.

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